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Got Stump Tree Removal, Pruning & Stump Grinding Service

It Took 7 Years…

It has taken Got Stump over 7 years to secure Edmonton’s best arborists, building a team of top quality tree service specialists. Being in the stump grinding business has given Got Stump a great advantage in that we have seen the Edmonton’s entire spectrum of arborist companies. And believe us – we’ve seen the “cowboy” who drops a tree on a house and is never heard from again to the franchised company that takes months to get to your tree work.

This vast experience alongside the abundant customer feedback has encouraged us to proactively build an organization that provides truly exceptional tree servicing and maintenance in Edmonton.

How It Works

When a client calls Got Stump for tree services – be it pruning, felling or climbing we collect your information and send it off to one of our arborists immediately. The arborist then calls the client within 24 hours and to arrange a time to visit the worksite. A Got Stump quotation is left with the client and if everything is to the satisfaction of the client, he/she calls Got Stump for the go-ahead.

We only phone people and arrange a time to come see the tree work if the job is complex.  Most the time we can get enough detail to perform the quotation within a day or two and leave it in the customer's mailbox - convenient, no need for the client to deviate from his/her busy schedule.

When using Got Stump for your tree services, there is no working with multiple companies. You simply call Got Stump for all questions and concerns and we’ll handle all the logistics. We pride ourselves in creating an efficient and dependable service team for pruning, felling and maintaining trees.

Our success is in satisfied clients who speak well of our name, and we’re committed to living up to the reputation we’ve built.

Stump Removal & Stump Grinding Edmonton Alberta

The Quality of Our Arborists

Got Stump tree service professionals:

  1. are appropriate to meet all your job requirements
  2. are reputable and reliable, completing projects on time and on budget
  3. are the most cost effective value for each specific project
  4. maintain the highest skills, expertise, and ethics
  5. are the best performers and deliver quality work
  6. have full coverage (licensing, full insurance & WCB)
  7. have reasonable prices!

How We’re Different

  • Clients benefit the most by getting the best arborist services at the best value. Our team has the experience, the equipment and the commitment to doing the job right the first time.
  • Our teams are dedicated to working safely and efficiently, always protecting your property and cleaning up the mess.
  • The diversity of our services is unsurpassed; with a complete team for pruning, felling and maintaining trees, Got Stump provides the full range of tree services.

It’s A No-Brainer

Why call different arborist companies based on an advertisements? Let us build you the perfect team for your project.           

Isn’t it better to start with a company that has seen the work and heard all the condemnations and accolades of Edmonton tree services?

Got Stump is in that exact position.

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So call us today to find out just how effortless and worry-free tree services can be. Oh, and quotations... Always free!


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